Wish Spells

We look to cast wish spells for many reasons.

We wish for our lives to be better, easier and more enjoyable. We wish for negative things to go away, and we may wish for certain things to happen. No matter whether it is a positive enhancement or to rid yourself of negative things, wish spells can help your target your focus and help you get, enjoy or experience exactly what you want to!

When you break it down, there is a lot to be said about the power of manifestation and the energies released by the universe when you really think about and focus on something. As you think it, so shall it be. And in my eyes, wish spells are another great tool to use when trying to change something. You get the effect of using the supreme power of magick and you also get the laser targeted focus that thinking about and focusing on something can bring you. It really is the very best of both worlds and when combined, amazing things can and do happen!

Magic Spells That Really Work

Here are a couple of very simple wish spells for you to try.

Remember that simple wish spells and even wiccan spells for beginners can still have the desired effect if you perform them correctly, openly and by total reliance and submission to the powers of the universe.

1) Go outside early in the morning and wait for the exact moment of the sun to rise. At the same time the sun rises, pick a morning glory or any kind of flower that is related to the sun. Hold it close and as the sun gently breaks it’s way through the horizon, cast your wish out loud while at the same time, thinking how its fruition will make you feel.

2) Take a trip down to the beach and find yourself a nice piece of driftwood that has some character about it. Then, either hand write or carve your wish or desire into it. When the tide is going out, stand with your back to the crashing waves and throw the wood hard and high over your left shoulder. Allow the ocean to fulfill your wish.

Ritual type Wish Spells…

I also have another one of my wish spells or actually, ritual that you can use. It is much more involved and its effects can last a lifetime. It is a popular spell and uses the natural energies from inside and orange! This ritual has the power to quickly and easily make your life better and help your wishes come true.

It is very simple and normally lasts for about a week. A good idea is to recast wish spells about 4 times a year.

This particular spell will help you get rid of one problem, or fulfill one desire over the next 7 days.

Like all magic, your wish spells can be anything you like so long as it does not hurt anyone.

Start off by hand selecting a healthy orange, full or color, juice and sweetness.

Next, taking care to not go as far to hit the actual fruit, use a needle to pierce through the skin of the orange. These holes will be for sticking cloves into so and you will need enough holes to cover the whole orange with them.

As you insert each clove into your orange, concentrate of the wish you are trying to fulfill. It is very important to visualize the end result and actually feel as though this wish has already come true while you are doing this.

When your orange is covered with cloves, roll it in ground cinnamon and orris-root.

To finish the wish spells ritual, tie up the orange with a bright red ribbon and hang it in a prominent place in your house for a total of 7 days. Then, your wish spell is complete and you should just continue to go about your daily life! Don’t forget to get rid of the orange after 7 days (unless your wish is for a smelly house!:D)

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