Wiccan Magic Spells - Casting And Creating Your Own!

Sorry to say, when described by others who are ignorant or just don't know, Witchcraft generally takes a raw deal a lot of the time. Fortunately for us, however, and especially when it involves Wiccan magic spells, it is not near as horrible as some might believe!

Forget all about evil spells and jinxes being roused out of bat wings, crawlers and frog's legs bubbling in a massive black cauldron.

Authentic Witchcraft is more about harmony and equilibrium. Nevertheless, if I'm being truly honest, brooms and even blazing cauldrons undoubtedly do have their place!

Are Wiccan Magic Spells and Witchcraft The Same?

Wicca is a mindset, a belief, a recognized religion literally. And similar to any other religion anyone can easily choose to engage in Wicca. Wicca can be researched like any other religion either in solitary or by joining a coven. As TV and movies have reflected, a coven is quite literally a gathering of witches - without having the green bodies and warts - living together in perfect and natural harmony.

The Relationship Between Wiccans and Nature Wiccan magic Spells

Wiccans make use of magic (or Magick as often spelt by the Wiccan community to differentiate it from stage magic) largely to encourage things like love, fertility, healing or to remove negative influences. It is typically believed among Wiccans that magick is a law of nature, as holistic as the sun that rises and the wind that blows.

Getting Started With Wiccan Magic Spells

In case you aspire to carry out Wiccan magick spells, you must first learn to abide by some basic principles. Even though this may sound a little limiting you will actually realize that they will intensify the efficacy and even satisfaction of casting your magic spells.

Thus let's pause momentarily before we proceed to the actual spells themselves. Following below are some of the basics for you to take into account:
- The Wiccan Rede (meaning advice) - "An it harm none, do what ye will"

- The Rule of 3 - anything you do will come back to you with 3 times the power, so always consider the implications and consequences.

- The Eight Virtues - mirth, reverence, honour, humility, strength, beauty, power and compassion. Seek to include these values not exclusively in your spell work but also in your daily life in general. You will definitely be delighted at how much you can improve your life using this rule alone. Your magick will always function a lot better when it emerges from the right place!

- Five Core Elements - The pentagram is the symbol of Wicca and it expresses the main elements of the universe: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. These are to be revered always. Learn to work and channel their unique powers.

The Importance Of Intention When Casting Wiccan Magic Spells

Pulling energy and shepherding it towards positive outcomes with magick is an act of love. When you are focused on the light and love that really is what encompasses the universe, you will realise how silly gossip about witchcraft really is!

Wiccan Magic Spells Are Not For Creating Pain, Sorrow or Bad Karma

Lots of folks who do black magick do it to attack or to use other people simply because they themselves lack the ability or are too lazy to encourage themselves. Rather, they foolishly lack out and strike others that basically comes back to hit them may be even harder eventually.

Having the ability to use and do magick and Wicca should only be wielded for the highest and greatest good that you can possibly be. Employing magick or Wicca spells to degrade or hold others back or enforce your own will on another person is wrong. The best user of magick spells and Wicca knows that love and balance are the keys to success!

Creating Your Own Wiccan Magic Spells

Eventually, you are going to learn to construct your own hybrid system of magick employing your very own techniques built upon your tastes and convictions. Don't succumb to being mousetrapped into only one magical journey. Have a go at them all until you hit upon the one you love and that serves you. Again, true magick results from a fusion of what you are and what you have learned.

Follow these hints for practicing Wicca spells and also use them to help make your very own spells and rituals!

Recognize that every little thing is energy, and every energy has a particular vibration. Try to study the unique vibrations of specific herbs, plants, trees, pebbles, colors, metals, and icons. These vibrations are the blueprint to successful spells. You probably would not intend to use the color black in a love spell for example.

Right after you are aware of the vibrations of each kind of herb, plant, rock and other components of the tools you use for spell work, you can most likely begin to immediately know what to use in your spells to get your desired outcome.

The words you use do not have to rhyme. They can, but they don't have to.
They need to be related to what you hope to entice to you or about the desired outcome. Maybe something basic like "diamond, diamond bring to me, wealth and abundance and pure as thee."

Try to use words that compel you to think and really feel about that thing which you desire. Emotion is your vibrational addition to the spell. Choose words that help manifest and sustain the important and most suitable emotion.

Casting A Circle For Your Wiccan Magic Spells

Not always crucial or vitally important but it can be really powerful and affirming to include a spiritual and consecrated place to work within. In much the same way lots of people use a Church or holy place of worship to pray, this can grant a spirit of peace and well-being.

There are many ways and beliefs on how to cast a circle so explore as many as feasible and find the best way for you. But consider a place at home that will be quiet and private for you to work in.

Here is some more detailed information on how to cast a circle.

Even Your Own Wiccan Magic Spells Need Practice

Practice what you learn!

There is a single way to determine if a certain magickal spell or Wiccan ritual will work and that is by giving it a try. Many folks will put in years learning occultism and magick but do not truly get their feet wet by making use of it or at the very least giving it a try.

The more you practice the spells while at the same time energizing them with faith and willpower will bring you results you can't accomplish from just reading.

Magick spells ingrained in Wiccan ideals are each powerful and beautiful. When combined with pure intentions and including Mother Nature, Wiccan Magic Spells are truly magickal!

I hope that the above has helped you understand some of the powerful and exciting concepts around Wicca and casting magic spells.

Over time, you will of course learn how to craft and create your very own magick spells however it is always helpful to start off with some great quality, pre-made spells to get you started!

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