An Introduction To Witchcraft Symbols

Welcome to Witchcraft Symbols 101!

Out of the origins of our amazing and endless universe comes a gift from our ancestors. That is the wonderful gift of magick, witchcraft and Wicca.

Pagan designs and other witchcraft symbols is not only a reminder of the past but a continuation into the future with these symbols being immortalized over the ages and further onwards.

As they have in the past, today’s witches and wizards still use these magical symbols to focus energy during rituals or to concentrate upon a specific element or deity.

The world of Wicca and magick has many, many different designs and witchcraft symbols but the ones listed below are the most commonly recognized and also the most powerful.

What are the most powerful witchcraft symbols?

Perhaps the most powerful of all the Wiccan witchcraft symbols and also one of the most instantly recognizable even by non-magick practitioners if of course the pentacle or pentagram.  It can take many forms, sometimes black and white, sometimes colorful, sometimes its lines are clean and sleek while other times the lines are made up of anything from dragon or snake tails to tree limbs and vines. The key design aspect however is made up of a combination of all 5 Wicca symbols of the elements - earth, water, fire, air and spirit - which form a star that is then enclosed by a unifying circle.

 Witchcraft Symbols

The pentagram offers the wearer powerful protection when worn on the body and will provide additional protection from the Sun God if the pentagram is gold or the Moon Goddess if the pentagram is silver.

Another familiar witchcraft symbol and still seen today in maths and science applications is the interlocking ovals of infinity. This symbol also represents the past, present and future and thus the never-ending circle of life. Carvings of this symbol date back to ancient times and were also often worn by the Vikings on their jewelery – namely Thor’s hammer.

As with much witchcraft, the 7 pointed star or septa gram relates closely to the universe and our recording of it. Each of the seven points of a septa gram relates to not only each day of the week but also the seven astrological bodies that were known at the time. During a ritual, each point can be used to focus the energy on a particular element in a similar way that the pentagram focuses on each element.

How do Wicca and witchcraft symbols differ?

Symbols of Witchcraft

Wicca and witchcraft symbols also differ in some cases between men and women when it comes to connecting with male and female deities. For instance, the horned god, sometimes referred to as Cernunnos, is identified as a circle surmounted by a pair of horns in the shape of an upturned crescent. The triple moon or sometimes called the Goddess is represented by a full moon in between two crescent moons. This symbolizes birth, life and death. When these two symbols are used together, it shows a strong representation of the complimentary power of opposites.

The witchcraft symbols discussed above are some of the most common but by no means an exhaustive list. Here are a few more you may or may not have heard about...

Believe it or not, Abracadabra is not just the catch cry of the tricks and illusion magician but one of the oldest amulets. It can be used for protection or even to reduce the power of an enemy.

Celtic Knots appear in all kinds of different forms and designs as interwoven bands forming circles. They serve as protection from evil plots, group magic, evil spirits and demons.

A Devils Snare is a very interesting witchcraft symbol. Made up of a spiralling circle of Hebraic writing, it is intended that the targeted evil spirit will become trapped in the coil of writing.

Usually taking the form of a pendant, an Eye in the Triangle aims to repel jealousy and envy.

The Griffin which normally features the body of a lion and the head of an eagle is a mythical being that protects the psyche from dark forces.

The astrological symbol of the Archer - Sagittarius – protects the wearer from psychic vampires who steal spiritual energy.

Coming mainly out of North American Indian cultures, The Wolf is a common protector against astral attacks.


Remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the full collection of witchcraft symbols. For just about every negative energy or magick, there is protection from it by one way or another and these pendants, weapons, jewelery, animals and other naturally existing beings are the link.

Wicca symbols and magic spells have an incredible amount of power so long as we obey the rules of white magic and use them for good, protection and prosperity. Always have a healthy respect for pure witchcraft symbols!