Warlock Spells

Warlock spells for real warlocks!

There is a lot of confusion about the true meaning of a Warlock and the power of their associated warlock spells.

Some people believe that a Warlock is just a preferred term for a male witch. Meanwhile, others believe that a Warlock is much more sinister and is in fact a traitor. Furthermore, that at one time or another has been expelled or banished from an existing coven.

The way I see it is that witchcraft is for the main part seems heavily geared towards females or witches. Warlocks in my eyes are simply male witches.

Witchcraft rituals and spell casting are the same whether or not they are cast by a witch or warlock. And they can be a male or a female. Where the key differences lie is the “slant” or angle that each one uses. For instance, a warlock will cast the same spell as a witch. However, for one reason or another, the warlock will focus on the masculine side rather than the feminine.

So at the end of the day, I feel that Warlock spells are cast by males. In some cases, they are gender-specific; however, the overall act of spell casting is neither male nor female.

Some of the most common warlock spells used are as follows.

Protection Spell

Like witches, warlocks need protection from negative physical and spiritual forces. And to this effect they can use a fairly standard protection spell. To do this spell yourself, you will need incense and three white candles. You will also need a photo or the name of the person being protected if it is not the warlock. To cast the spell, the first step is for the warlock to light the cawarlock spellsndles that have been placed in a triangle. At this point, the warlock or intended recipient should be in the middle of the triangle. Following this, the warlock lights up his specifically chosen incense and calls upon the spirits for protection.

Fertility Spell

The warlock spells for fertility is a classic example of where the spell is cast in the masculine form. This particular spell is targeted towards his gender. To cast this spell, you will need two red candles, some musk oil, a red cloth – preferably satin, and any one of the following masculine scents either in a candle, incense or oil form. Nise, basil, betony, chamomile, cinnamon, mint, parsley, pepper, rosemary, sage, St. john’s wort, and wormwood. Here is how you do it!

Please enjoy some free real warlock spells!

The two red candles represent the couple in question. First things first, set the candles down on the satin cloth. Then begin to drip the musk oil over the wick of the candle before actually lighting it. Then light both candles but only with a single source (eg only one match or another flame) and then place them beside each other. After that, the warlock will light the incense and allow the smoke to encircle the warlocks’ body.

Once this has been completed, both the candles and also the incense is brought closer to his body. Then while meditating he calls upon the universe and the spirits to increase his fertility. After the right amount of meditation, the warlock blows out the two candles and lets the incense burn down to the end. The warlock must perform these warlock spells ritual every day for a week.

There are 3 other main spells that are heavily linked and identified as warlock spells. Sharp eyes will notice these are often portrayed in movies. They are the classic Levitation and Flying Spell. This one is not really a spell but more a case of mind over matter, extreme focus and total commitment and belief that the Warlock can actually levitate and fly.

How about some more Warlock Spells?

The second most common of the traditional warlock spells is the ability to Speed Up Time. This spell obviously speeds up time with the use of a blessed pen and the burning of some rose incense. With a pentacle drawn on the palm of your left hand say the following warlock spells:

“Sands of time show me thy way.
Turn nights into days.
Rose petals so light and grace,
Speed up time now in this place.”

Here is one more of the popular warlock spells – Commanding Others. This is a powerful spell! Start off with burning an incense blend of herbs that represent the energies of control and power and then recite the following spell:

“By the power of heaven and earth
let others hearken to my words
by my will, other will listen and
hearken to my command through my will,
it shall it be done right now.”

These are but a few of the powerful warlock spells. Find out a heap more about warlocks and witches and get access to such magic spells that work from all categories of magick like love and sex magick, money and wealth magick, protection and healing magick plus much more by clicking the banner below and exploring Magick Power!

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