Wiccan Spells For Beginners

When you are first starting out on your Wiccan journey it can be daunting and quite hard to know how to begin! This little collection of Wiccan Spells for Beginners, Living Wicca plus the great little app, Wiccan Dictionary, will definitely put you on the right track and give you some amazing fundamentals to get started on!

First up from Thea Sabin, we bring to you an amazing volume that was actually a Finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Wiccan/Pagan Book!

There are many, many Wiccan Spells for Beginners books on the market and because of this, it is quite often seen that new Wiccans jump and shift from one book to another, grabbing bits and pieces of this one and that one and not really getting a full education or understanding of what is involved in the craft and in fact, Wiccan way of life.
Instead of these gathered snippets and footnotes, Wicca for Beginners builds a strong foundation to the world of Wicca, embracing both the Practical as well as the Spiritual witch. Wicca for Beginners also covers the full spectrum of Wicca rather than limiting its readers to merely one path or tradition.

Detailing practices such as grounding, raising energy, visualization, and meditation, this book offers exercises for core techniques before launching into more complicated Wiccan rituals and spellwork.

Learn the wonderful culture, beliefs and philosophies behind Wicca without losing the delicate mystery that attracts so many people!

 Wiccan Spells for Beginners and more with Living Wicca!

Living Wicca has sold more than 200,000 copies and in doing so has helped countless solitary practitioners forge and fulfil their own spiritual paths. Now you too can listen to the wise words of Scott Cunningham as they guide you toward a new level of practice you never thought possible.

So who is Scott?

Scott Cunningham practiced magic actively for over twenty years and was the author of more than fifty books covering both fiction and non-fiction subject matter. Sixteen of his titles are published by well renowned new age publisher, Llewellyn Publications. Scott’s books reflect a broad spectrum of niches within the New Age sphere, where he was very highly regarded.

In this book, you’ll learn things like magical tools, how to cast a circle, and how to raise magical power. You’ll understand the meanings of over 120 Wiccan symbols and how you can magically use them. Ultimately you’ll discover the power of Wiccan prayers throughout the day and how you can use them to make yourself aware that God and Goddess are everywhere.

But that’s not all!

Living Wicca also takes a philosophical look at the questions, practices, and differences within Witchcraft. Create your own rituals and symbols, develop a book of shadows full of Wiccan spells for beginners and then more, and possibly even become a high priest or priestess! Subjects also taught in this Scott Cunningham classic are tools, magical names, initiation, the Mysteries and the importance of secrecy in your practice. This is something that is too often forgotten about!

Over 170,000 people worldwide are currently using Living Wicca. It is now your chance to join them!

Last but not least is this fantastic little app for the ANDROID platform, Wiccan Dictionary!

Learning Wiccan Spells for Beginners and indeed the Wiccan way of life is a wonderful and rewarding experience however it can be challenging learning all the language and lingo!
This application is designed to be easily navigable for all no matter if you are a newbie, apprentice, or maybe you’re just simply curious. With Wiccan Dictionary you can learn about the Wiccan religion at your own pace, browsing through our database using your chosen keywords or more simply, by alphabetical order.


All of these three products can help you out on your Wiccan journey but I believe that you get the best bang for your buck and the strongest foundation by combining the elements of all three!