Using Incense In Rituals

Wiccans have been using Incense in rituals for hundreds of years. The purpose of burning incense can vary however when used in rituals, the idea is for the incense to deliver your invocations and prayers to the gods. Burning incense can also be used to purify and clear a particular space of any unwanted energies or undesirable spirits.

There is practically an endless amount of incense varieties which all depends on the resins, aromatic gums as well as other scented substances included in the composition of the incense. The smoke created when using incense in rituals helps bring about your desires and wishes.

Why Do People Love Incense So Much?!

People love burning incense for the amazing transformations it can make to the setting it is burned in. Just an ordinary room can be instantly transformed into a dewy meadow, a lush forest, a mystical temple or even a travelling gypsy caravan! Incense is wonderful when attempting to create a place of relaxation and calm. And it is simply superb for performing the magic of love!

When using incense in rituals there are usually two main kinds chosen for the exercise by practitioners. The least commonly used type of incense of the two is charcoal bricks. The smoke is created by sprinkling these hot charcoal bricks with carefully selected herbs or resins. Burning incense using this method generates lots of smoke but is not always that easy to use.

For this reason, the most popular method of using incense in rituals or for any other purpose is the ever-popular incense sticks. You would have undoubtedly seen these sticks in many a shop, store or market. They are used in any sort of holder that elevates them off the ground.

These holders can range from the most simple of setups to elaborate, carved wooden boxes with amazing designs and detail. You simply light one end, allow it to flame for a few seconds until it is alight and then blow out the incense stick. This leaves a glowing ember at the end which gives off the desired smoke and fragrance.

I always choose the sticks when I'm using incense in rituals. You can make your own if you are so inclined however there is such a large variety available ready-made and for the most part, they are very affordable. I would therefore recommend saving the time it takes to make it and using that time to continue to learn your craft.

The last piece of advice I would give you when using incense in rituals is to ensure that your incense is naturally made.