Unlocking Magical Hidden Powers

Just How Do We Weave Our Magic?

Magic comes from energy. Energy of objects, places and energy from people. And this energy lies all around us!
Just like electricity or electromagnetism, it is an unseen current that actually connects everything and everyone in the universe!
By unlocking magical hidden powers that are there in ALL of us, we have the ability to influence this universal energy to create what we want, merely by focusing our will to make it so!

Using this magical energy, we can create the required events and changes that allows our goals to materialize.

Unlocking Magical Hidden Powers - Using The Will

Pretty much the most important skill you will have to develop and hone when it comes to unlocking hidden powers of witchcraft is the art of visualization. You have to practice hard to perfect the ability of imagining your desired outcomes and keep them firmly and vividly in your mind.

You can practice this technique easily at home with even a simple item as an apple on a bench. Observe the apple for a minute, then with your eyes closed, attempt to recall every detail in your imagination. It is important to not just see the apple, you should also be able to taste, feel, touch and even hear it!
Unlock magical powers

Unlocking Magical Hidden Powers - Spellcasting Rules

One of the most important factors of white magic is the Harm None mentality. Spells used to cause harm, pain or suffering to others very often is returned to the spellcaster!
It is for this reason, and also of course, ethics that you should never try this, no matter how angry or upset you may be at another!
And let's not forget that spells ten to work by giving you what you need, not what you want. Case in point, a money spell will most likely not event in providing you with a million dollars but it will provide you enough to get by.
Before you cast any spell, you must think it through first. If you are doing it on impulse and might regret it later, perhaps it is better to think it through first. 
Magic can produce great changes in your life so be sure to use it wisely and only if you are true and sincere about what you want.
Once a spell has ultimately delivered on its purpose, you should destroy it. The best way to do this is simply by burning the ingredients.

Ready To Get Started With Real Spells Of Magic?

The amazing world of Wicca and witchcraft is yours for the taking!
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