Stainless Steel Triple Moon Goddess Mens Ring

Stainless Steel Triple Moon Goddess Mens Ring
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Product Description

You can order your Stainless Steel Triple Moon Goddess Mens Ring in 3 finishes! Black, Gold or Silver Tone!

Perfect as a gift for the man in your life or something special for yourself!

Don't despair ladies either - this ring can be worn by the fairer sex too!

Manufacturer Description

8mm Stainless Steel Triple Moon Goddess Mens Ring 


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Product Features

MATERIAL: We choose stainless steel instead of alloy or brass. Because it's highly resisted to rust, corrosion and tarnishing.

Durability and Fashionable. All makes it a top fashion accessory.

DETAILS: * Style:Religion Jewelry * Silver-tone/Gold Plated/Black * Polish Finish * Available men Size 7,8,9,10,11,12

The Triple Moon is an important symbol to many Wiccans and Pagans, representing the phases of the moon and the Triple Goddess.From left to right one sees the waxing crescent, full, and waning crescent moons.

This Triple Moon Goddess Ring is a wonderful gift for your boyfriend,husband,father,son,brother,friend,colleague,etc.Perfect for all occasions: anniversary, birthdays, wedding,engagement,graduation,dating, daily wear, etc.

PACKING&AFTER SALES: Comes with grey Velvet bag,Great for Gift giving!

30-Days Money back guarantee,100% Secure shopping. Please rate 5 star if you are pleased with our product.

Product Information

This Stainless Steel Triple Moon Goddess Mens Ring is also very good for those who have allergies to wearing jewelry. Although not specifically made to be allergy free, many customers have commented that they have no problems wearing this ring, despite having had jewelry allergies in the past!