Spell Candles 40 pack

Spell Candles 40 pack
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Product Description

Get the brilliant Spell Candles 40 pack - by LadyRobyn online today. This high quality, customer favorite is in stock and ready for you to choose your color!

What do you get?

In this package you will receive a 40 pack of Spell Candles! They are Great Quality, 4" high by 0.5" wide Chime Spell Candles that have been imported from Germany.

These Spell candles have not been painted but are the real color all the way through.

Burn time will vary depending on their environment but around an hour tio and hour and a half can be expected. Some of our customers have reported a burn time of 2 hours!

Product Information

These Spell Candles are "undressed" - the preferred option for most practitioners!

Purchase 4 sets and save money!