Simple Past Life Spell

Among many of my beliefs, is one I hold most dear - that we have definitely, most certainly, been here before - many, many times before in fact! A Past Life Spell or Previous Life Regression session is an amazing and eye-opening experience that can detail issues, problems and relived memories of previous lives.

Each time we visit this plane, we learn more, experience more and continue our soul's evolution. For the majority of people, we don't remember what has happened or what we went through in our previous lives. However, we often bring "baggage" of some sort from a previous life, into the next one! 

Without the knowledge of past life regression, we can't link lessons learned from the past or experiences we might have once had in order to better deal with similar challenges in our current life.

Some of our most mysterious and previously unexplained phobias in life stem from past lives. An incredible fear of rats and mice in this life could be linked to death during the Black Plague and being eaten by rodents. A chronic over-eater could be linked to dying of starvation in a previous life. It's absolutely incredible how many people are affected in this way and can detail these timelines under the correct environment and practitioner.

And birthmarks are the most wonderous of all! Many believe that birthmarks are replicated in this life by a death-causing trauma in a past life! Absolutely amazing! This is where a Past Life Spell can often create miraculous results to draw back the curtain and unravel the mysteries.

The Past Life Spell below is not my own, I have seen similar versions of it before from time to time but I do like it and have adapted it in my own little way, combined with the beauty and simpleness of its many forms to create the version below.

First things first... this is a really powerful Past Life Spell.

Magick spells from this category have the potential to really and deeply influence, highlight and amplify your emotional state. Should you go ahead and successfully execute this past life regression spell, be aware and also be ready for anything to happen - I truly can't stress this enough!

That being said, let's get on with the magic spell!

Your Magickal List of Materials Needed...

A pair of plain white candles

1 sharp and pointed crystal 

Your favorite oil to anoint the candles - preferably one that easily calms and relaxes you

A clean mirror - preferably wall hung or desk mounted. A handheld mirror is not suitable for this spell.

A pack of Safety matches

Instructions for Casting the Past Life Spell:

Anoint the candles. 

Make sure to use the point of the crystal, carve the word "Past" on each of the two candles.

Sitting in front of the mirror, place yourself in the center of the two candles with one on the left and one on the right of the mirror.

You should then light the candles, breathe deeply, relax, clear your mind and then gaze deeply at your reflection in the mirror.

Once you are nice and calm and feel you have eliminated all thoughts from your mind as best as you can, its time to start the Life Regression Spell.

Concentrate, and repeat the following:

"I call upon the moon and sun

To break the threads of time now spun


To allow my spirit to rise and soar

Back to a life of mine that is no more.


Show me now, the faces of past

With this spell, I now cast.


Do not let my spirit wander free

And bring it safely back to me.

So mote it be!"

Gaze directly into the mirror while saying these words, and also allow your eyes to relax and lose their focus. Once you realize this state, act quickly and you will start to see your face change.

Stare at it closely until you remember. Examine and visualize each feature on its own and then bring the whole face together at once. If done right you will begin to see a face you previously wore in another time!

Before any kind of Spell or routine is performed the magic spell needs to be read and understood totally.

All things required for the Past Life ritual should be within very easy reach as you will not want to leave the circle and the mirror till the routine is completed.

Enjoy having a go at casting this Past Life Spell - its a very exciting spell but as detailed above, can really tug on those emotions so be prepared!


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