Remove Something Unwanted Ritual

This one right here is a gorgeous little ritual that will help you clear your mind and soul – and spend a delightful period of time in some beautiful surrounds too!

Ideally, you perform this ritual in a stream, creek or river – any type of running or moving water would suffice, even the ocean!

You can make this time-specific and simply get it done or you could make it a part of an overall wonderful day out in the beauty of whatever scenery you choose. Perhaps a picnic or a leisurely walk to your chosen destination.

This ritual to Remove Something Unwanted can be done alone or in the company of trusted and like-minded friends – whatever feels best for you!

The best time to perform this ritual is when the moon is waning. This helps symbolize that its purpose is to remove something unwanted.

How to perform the Ritual To Remove Something Unwanted

After you have made your selection of where you want to perform this ritual, sit down comfortably by the water and gently paddle your feet, feeling the energy of the flowing water, knowing that these waters of the earth represent the life force by which all things are connected. While enjoying this experience and feelings wait for the waves to cast a stone or pebble that looks appealing to you. If pressed for time, of course, you can manually select a stone from the river bed that feels just right!

Once you have selected your chosen stone, set yourself again by or in the water and hold the stone between your two closed together palms.

Now, it's time to visualize!

Concentrate good and hard on the specific negative aspect of your life that you no longer want to be bound to. Concentrate all your attention and focus on sending all that pain and negativity into the stone you hold in your hands.

After enough time has passed and that you feel comfortable and confident that you have released all the negativity into the stone, throw the stone back into the water while asking the spirits of water to heal your pain, anger, frustration, hurt or whatever it was that you wanted to remove.

Your Ritual to Remove Something Unwanted is now complete.

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