Awesome Witchcraft Kit by Sage Ryza

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  • An upgrade from the travel witch kit and the deluxe travel witch kit. If you want to get started on becoming a witch, this deluxe witch kit which includes all the essentials you'll need to begin practicing witchcraft is for you!
  • This kit includes a huge variety of crystals: OBSIDIAN POINT (protection, healing, truth-telling) POLISHED SELENITE (good luck and protection) 5" SELENITE WAND (polished or unpolished, msg me your preference) 3-4" AMETHYST CLUSTER (balancing the crown chakra, insomnia) EXTRA LARGE QUARTZ CRYSTAL POINT (thought processes are improved and clarified) RAW ROSE QUARTZ (love 💕) LARGE AMETHYST POINT
  • 27 herbs in 8ml glass jars with cork stoppers that fit perfectly in the lid of the box as well as TEN high quality essential oils
  • Deluxe smudging kit with a Sage Bundle and four Palo Santo sticks from Peru or Brazil. As well as a hand-printed divination bag with an image of two hands hovering over a crystal ball (other images available), and last but not least A MAGIC WAND.
  • Also includes keepsake wooden box measuring 8.66x5.9x5.3" inches featuring metal and fabric trim

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