Pentacle Altar Tile with 5 Pentacle Corners

Pentacle Altar Tile with 5 Pentacle Corners
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Product Description

Our Pentacle Altar Tile with 5 Pentacle Corners has a gorgeous design and in our opinion, plus the opinion of many happy customers, a rustic yet witchy elegance to it.

Especially given the great value price, this Pentacle Altar Tile also has a good size and nice overall weight to it.

It is very well made and constructed together and will look great on your Wiccan altar.

The addition of candles gives a nice degree of calmness and stillness allowing greater focus on your meditations!

Product Features

This metal altar tile features a large pentacle in the center and 5 smaller pentacles in each corner.

Each smaller pentacle features a rim to hold tea lite candles securely.

The 5 corners are perfect for elemental magick, allowing space for Earth, Air, Fire, Water, + Spirit

Place a tea lite candle in each corner or place elemental offerings during your ritual.

Measures approx. 7" in diameter and includes 5 white tea lite candles