Moon Goddess Broken Heart Ritual

This Moon Goddess Broken Heart Ritual, plus a few more we have like it, is perfect for those who have ever had to or are currently enduring a broken heart.

If you feel your whole world is collapsing in on you and crashing down because of the end of a relationship then these are for you!
These rituals will help you repair your life and of course allow you to open your heart up again to the healing energies of love and light.

Items Needed For The Moon Goddess Broken Heart Ritual:

Make a Clay amulet in the shape of the moon – Buy some craft clay and then fashion it into your chosen moon shape. Then simply sprinkle it with two drops of peppermint oil and let it dry in the sun. 3 white candles and holders
50cm of Ocean Blue ribbon

Silver cloth
Peppermint Oil
Bergamot Oil for anointing candles and top up oil 
2 drops of clove oil
Symbol of a fish
Small bowl of spring water
Handful of Angelica and Basil
Comforting Bath Potion – Made up of a few pieces of lemon peel, a dash of lavender flower heads, 2 drops each of lavender and lemon oil, 1 cup of Epsom salts, ½ a cup of rock salt and some red and blue food coloring.

How the Moon Goddess Broken Heart Ritual is done:

  • Create your sacred circle and prepare your altar and the bath etc.
  • Sprinkle the herbs on the altar and place the candles in a triangle. Lay the silver cloth neatly on the altar too.
  • Pick up and then hold the candles in the palm of your hand and anoint each of them. For each one, focus on your intention of allowing forgiveness to fill you and release your pain. Finalise this part by carving a symbol into the candles as you go.
  • After anointing the candles, place them into the candle holders and light each of them in turn. While lighting them, recite the following: “Allow my heart forgiveness, release all pain, cast out fear, grant me peace, so mote it be.”
  • Next, grab your amulet and pass it through the flame of each candle. Again, hold true your focus and sprinkle the amulet with oil and water, reciting “I wash away and purify my soul” over and over as you go.
  • To finalise the Moon Goddess Broken Heart Ritual, sit quietly to yourself for a little while with the amulet resting on your heart.
  • Carry the amulet with you as long as you feel you need it. You can top it up with a couple of drops each of bergamot and clove oil.

“To love and to be hurt often, and to love again – this is the brave and happy life” J.E. Buckrose