MEDOOSKY Tibet Lotus Incense Burner

MEDOOSKY Tibet Lotus Incense Burner
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Product Description

In a long and proud history, this exquisite copper alloy MEDOOSKY Tibet Lotus Incense Burner has been hand made for generations by experienced Nepalese craftsmen.

Manufacturer Description

The MEDOOSKY Tibet Lotus Incense Burner Package includes:

- 1 incense burner
- 1 gourd incense holder

The reasons why you choose Medoosky:

1. MEDOOSKY is a brand registered in USPTO. This brand solely belongs to MEDOOSKY. Each incense burner is packed with MEDOOSKY brand box. MEDOOSKY is the only authorized dealer.

2. Diameter is 4 inch. This is a perfect size for holding all ashes of normal incenses.

3. As a copper alloy incense burner, it is more solid and durable, and will last longer.

4. It is easy to clean; can be washed with water.

An excellent gift:

This MEDOOSKY Tibet Lotus Incense Burner is designed with the patter of Tibet Buddhism in the east which means good luck and the hope and prayers that everything goes well. It is suitable for self-use, but could also make a great gift idea to make people smile.

Product Features

Brand: As a quality life service provider, we 100% own "MEDOOSKY" - the brand registered in USPTO. 

Multi-function: It can be a great decorative art piece, an incense burner for religion or meditation purpose, or be used as a bowl to burn rosin and incense powder.

Unique beauty: As the incense is burned, this MEDOOSKY Tibet Lotus Incense Burner's gloss and color will change. As a result, you will see the unique halo and color which is quite beautiful.

Size: Diameter is 4 inch, height is 3 inch, and no ashes of normal incenses, used in th eproper way, will fall outside of this incense burner.

Product Information

This incense burner uses stick, coil or cones giving it incredible versatility no matter what you favorite incense is!