Magic Spells For Kids

Please Don't be afraid of Magic Spells for Kids!

There has been a lot of research in this area. Yet, we still fail to fully understand why our children, especially young kids, are very open to imagination, psychic abilities, and things that happen just as we first fall to sleep. As a result, they are much easier to connect to other worlds than we do as adults.

Perhaps it is their innocent and clear minds or merely that their minds have not yet been polluted and "trained" to not believe in such things. Regardless of the reasoning, children have a great opportunity and some success when casting magic spells for kids!

Why are kids' magic spells so helpful for children's education?

Through stories and poetry about adventure, children may explore the fantastic world of fable. The imagination can be sparked by learning about magic spells, witches, and fantasy stories. This can help them increase their vocabulary, descriptive abilities, and creative thinking through writing tasks.

The difficulty level in the magic spell must be appropriate for the age group. If a youngster comes from a witchcraft-friendly household, I will begin with simple potions with minimal components. Begin with something practical, like a cooling potion made from cucumbers, water, and oranges to keep cool in the heat.

Ask them about the materials' physical, medical, and magical characteristics. Make sacrifices to all of the pertinent deities at the same time. Make things interesting and helpful, and they'll not only learn more but they'll also develop the habit of using their abilities to help others. This will come in handy when kids begin to desire to cast magic. There are gun safety regulations in place. Keep those for when they specifically ask for them.

Other relaxing concoctions, such as camomile tea with basil incense smoke blown into it, might aid them with anxiety.

Magic spells for kids can help solve their problems…

When the daughter of someone we knew was young, she had terrible nightmares and night terrors. We gave them a magic imaginary spray bottle and told them she was able to take this with her in her dreams. When she dreamed, if she saw what she was afraid of, she would start spraying her special magic potion, and the troubles dissolved into nothingness. Even when she was not in total control of her dreams, knowing that she had the power to affect them when she went to sleep was very calming for her. Nearly two decades later, she can still use this magic potion to banish uncomfortable or nasty dreams.

The sprayer or "magic potion" is a fantastic aid for dealing with nightmares; however, if you are after a spell of protection for children to keep away monsters, why not try this simple ritual before bedtime? It is very easy to do and much like reciting a prayer:

"Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,
Bless the bed that this child is in
Four corners of your bed
Four angels round their heads;
One to watch, one to pray,
And two to bear their troubles away! "

The power of rituals, mantras, visualization and prayer is a powerful way to cast a spell of protection even for kids!

Another one of the easy magic spells for kids is:

To Make a Piggy Bank Grow

This exciting and financially productive spell is straightforward to understand and cast making it perfect for kids magic spells.

However, do not let its simplicity fool you because this kid's magic spell works very well to bring wealth into their life. The earlier you get your children to take an interest in money and their finances, the better! Imagine if you had been given the sound financial advice and reasoning you know so well today when you were seven years old?!

These magic spells for kids also work best at night and with the added protection of a magic circle – at its altar.

You will need:

Your child's piggy bank
A dollar bill, play money, or even a piece of paper - real money works the best to harness that imagination and apply it to something real!
Clove oil
Some green or gold thread

Apply pressure on the four corners of whatever you use as the money. Wet it with some clove oil and then fold the bill into three equal parts.

Going towards you, tightly wrap the thread around the dollar bill and tie three knots. Place the wrapped dollar in the piggy bank, and then the dollar will bring more money into it and the child's life - a magickal manifestation for kids!

Sarcasm alert…Not many parents have had to deal with the strain of bored children ;)

When your children are bored and complaining that they have nothing to do, get them to run through this easy-to-remember spell until something pops into their heads!


Give me RED.


Give me YELLOW.


Give me GREEN.


Give me BLUE –



"Magic" Potions for Children to Practice With

Show your children how to create their own holy water in a spray bottle with a few drops of lavender and myrrh essential oils to make a magical anti-monster spray. Kids with the sight may see unpleasant creatures at night!

Children can easily mix chocolate or chocolate syrup and goat milk to make a powerful, super-strength potion!

Show your mini coven-kids how to make nutritious beverages and practical, healthy liquid concoctions!

Here are some more simple white magic spells for kids to learn!

Easy Candle Magic for Kids

Most importantly - always supervise when your children are practicing candle magic! They shouldn't be scared to do it, but you must watch your little witches and wizards.

You or your child should light a plain white spell candle.

Get them or help them light a sage smudge or incense stick.

Then they can gently waft the smoke all about themselves and the room using a feather. 

They should visualize the candle's white light feeding their own white light, strengthening and brightening it as they move about. This light shields them, heals them, and energizes them. The sage forms a protective barrier against evil and bad energies.

Consider this for a moment for older children. They can also focus on the light that surrounds another person. Perhaps a sick loved one or a traveling family member may require safety and protection.

Kids Can Clean the House with Sage!

Ask your children to "help out around the house" by wafting sage around every outside wall, window, and door to form a barrier and purify your home of negative energy. Your children should do this on a reasonably frequent basis. I prefer to begin on one side of the front entrance, loop around the house, and exit via the front door, forcing negativity out and sealing it with smoke.

And there you have it. A few rituals, visualizations, and easy to cast magic spells for kids that will quickly and gradually introduce them to the beautiful world of Wicca, witchcraft, and white magic!


For many more magic spells that really work including spells for beginners created with some substance behind them and that are the real deal please click on the image below.

You will find a spell for pretty much anything you desire including some other cool magic spells for kids and if you can’t see what you want – please ask!