Essential Ingredients For Witchcraft

For the budding new practitioner or even the experienced Wiccan, no one can argue that there are several Essential Ingredients for witchcraft!

There is a whole range of ingredients and tools in traditional witchcraft. They can be either bought or made as long as ultimately they are ritually consecrated before the real use. And the list of these items can be long...and sometimes hard to get!

The good news however is that when we are talking about simple witchcraft, that exhaustive shopping list is much smaller!

Here are a few of the more necessary and often used essential witchcraft items...

Essential Ingredients for Witchcraft - The Altar!

An altar is one of the most useful and essential Witchcraft tools you will ever need!

Most, if not all spells need an altar. An Altar can be as simple or as elaborate as you might like! It can be simply and easily made by using an old wooden box, tea chest or even a table. As long as it is stable enough to 

handle items placed on top of it such as lit candles, it will do!

You can make it look more magical by using altar cloth, or other decorations or even carvings and drawings on it. 

White, as well as green, are good colors for your altar although you can always match it to the particular spell you are performing.

You can also use your altar as a focus for your meditation and even as a place where you can honor the passing seasons with various nuts, flowers, blossoms or stones.

Essential Ingredients For Witchcraft - Candles!

Candles are a fantastic aid to focus and also help in increasing the energy available to a spell. The color of Each candle has different correspondences as per this list divided into Color and its associated Spell Energy.

Yellow/Gold - Strength, abundance and happiness

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White/Silver/Violet - Purity, psychic work and healing

Red - Protection, vitality and lust

Orange - Communication, mental work, career 

Blue - Healing and wealth

Green/Pink - Love, romance, friendship and harmony

Black - Banishing, getting rid of negative thoughts

Essential Ingredients For Witchcraft - Incense!

Similar to how candles do, incense adds the right magical atmosphere for your spells and rituals. They can also assist in sending your wishes out to the cosmos. Unless it states otherwise in your spell, you can use whatever incense you feel most magical with!

Incense for witchcraft

Other Ingredients for Witchcraft...

Magic spells often use natural ingredients such as plants, stones, crystals and even feathers as they are all imbued in some way with their own energy.
A point to keep in mind when collecting your fresh plant material is to always show respect to the area you are harvesting from, including asking the plant for permission and let the plant or garden know your intentions. You can further enhance the experience by leaving a personal token behind as thanks. A piece of your own hair works perfect for this purpose.

As stated above, there is a whole universe of tools and ingredients that you can use in witchcraft.

I hope that you have found this list of Essential ingredients for witchcraft useful!