Elena's Vervain Locket Necklace Katherine's Daylight Walking Pendant

Elena's Vervain Locket Necklace Katherine's Daylight Walking Pendant
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Product Description

Take your pick of Elena's Vervain Locket Necklace or Katherine's Daylight Walking Pendant! Both available safe and secure here at RealSpellsofMagic.com!

True fans of the Vampire Diaries will know exactly what this pendant represents the moment they lay eyes on it!

Crafted from high quality 925, NOT one of the many cheaper alternatives of lesser quality that are available today.

Manufacturer Description

IDEAL GIFT CHOICE of A Special Treat for Yourself!
Comes packaged in a pretty gift box.

Maintenance Instruction: 

a.Keep it dry and avoid wearing it when bathing, doing housework and swimming.

b. Perfume is also corrosive to jewelry. Wear your perfume before putting on the piece.

c.Do not touch it often, grease and sweat on hands will caused corrosion.

d.Rub your Jewelry with baby wipes,they perform miracles on crystal jewelry without damaging the surface, then rub with a clean dry soft cotton cloth to bring back the shine.

e.Store your Jewelry inside a soft cloth pocket or fabric swath. Never stack it to avoid it from rubbing against other jewelry in your collection and try not to drop it on a hard surface.

Product Features

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - Made of 925 with the highest levels of certification standards & Premium AAA Round Cut Cubic Zirconia.

Exquisite frame with detailed metal artwork adds beauty to the pendant design.

This Necklace is a beautiful piece that deserves a place in almost any jewelry collection, especially fans of the Vampire Diaries!

Product Information

Even those not familiar with the show will find true appreciation for this unique pendant. A timeless, classic design that will compliment any jewelry collection.