Do Shapeshifting Spells Exist?

My most favorite show of all time is Trueblood! I love the vampire genre the best, however, am interested in all of the supernatural types. Specifically, the “supes” that can morph from one form to the next, aka Sam Merlotte, aka…shapeshifters!

However, is it actually possible to turn into a dragon, or shapeshift into a mermaid, or transform into a wolf or a snake?

I’m sorry to burst the bubble, however, no, it isn’t really. At least, not physically. Nonetheless … there is a way in which you can do it …

But why not?

The trouble is that magic just doesn’t work that way in real life. Magic is not like the techniques you see conjurers do on stage, or like the flashbang whizzy things you see in motion pictures. You won’t be able to break the known laws of physics to move things around, levitate objects or change into animals or various other fantasy beings.

As much as you may wish to end up being a vampire or something else just by using a magic spell, I’m sorry to state it’s probably not going to happen. Anyone who informs you they can do it and they’ll instruct you how is deceiving you (and perhaps even themselves!). I do believe that these supernatural beings do actually exist however I am not sure that a magic spell can make the physical transformation. However…magic spells can assist with the experiences and some certain aspects and attributes of shapeshifting.

Real magic is not indicated for shapeshifting anyway. It’s suggested for even more subtle functions. It’s suggested for assisting you with your life objectives, your relationships, your cash and your life path.


There is a way you can “become” a dragon, mermaid, vampire or anything else you desire, and experience shapeshifting …

You see, there are numerous planes of existence that all of us reside in. Some we experience every day (the genuine world while you’re awake), some only sometimes and practically out of our control (for instance dreaming), and others are obtainable however they will definitely take some practice to consciously get into.

To experience shape moving and improvement you must get in the “astral” plane. This is a location inside your mind where anything is possible. You’ve most likely become aware of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences …

These are all possible thanks to the power of the mind, and they are as genuine to the individual experiencing them as anything else worldwide. Think of it like this: your truth is comprised purely of what you perceive through your senses. We experience the world around us through sight, hearing, taste, touch and so on.

If you can not perceive something, how do you understand it exists at all? (The age-old saying: “if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?” is based upon this precise concept). And in reverse, what you regard with your senses is absolutely genuine to you.

shapeshifting spellsSo … if you can find out a way or method that will manipulate your senses and exactly what they mean or show to you, then you can experience extraordinary things such as shape moving, out of body experiences and all the rest.

But how does this all relate to magic and magic spells? Well, a huge element of efficient spell casting is effective visualisation. If you get proficient at a visualisation with your magic spells, you will normally find it easier to begin practicing advanced techniques such as the wonder of shapeshifting.

When you’re very experienced and competent, it is possible to jump in and out of your shapeshifting state in a couple of seconds, and “change” at will into whatever form you so desire. To strengthen your powers of visualisation, keep honing and improving your magic spells.

As always when practicing magic, ensure you relax completely prior to you beginning casting, and once in the moment or plane, keep working with your visualisation and allow the experience to provide the most vivid moments you have ever shared before.

Keep practicing your magic, really feel the visualisatons and enjoy the experiences provided by the wonders of magic.

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