Beauty Spells

Beauty spells...ever-popular, craved, desired and cherished! 

Although witches can often have a very poor stereotyped image of a gnarled old troll of a woman complete with warts and other awful distortions, nothing could in fact be further than the truth!

As we all know, witches walk among us in every facet of life and especially as women primarily but also as a witch, do we not deserve to feel pretty, beautiful and desired? Beauty spells are used by many and are as old as vanity and femininity itself!

Beauty Spells Uses

Beauty spells have a variety of uses that range from becoming beautiful or to hold on to that beauty once you have it for as long as humanly possible. Spells to increase beauty also are intended for the inside as well as the outside! Beauty Spells

Here for you now, I have a selection of some of my most favorite beauty spells. I hope you enjoy them and they provide you with everything you need!

My Favorite Beauty Spells…

This first one is very simple and aims to “work” on one particular body part or aspect at a time.

Beauty Spells

This spell will require a mirror and also a picture of the feature you are trying to change about yourself. The picture should also be cut out. For example, if you are wanting to change your nose then the picture should only be of your nose.

On the night of a full moon, go outside and place the picture on to the mirror. Concentrate on the picture and say out loud the following spell a total of three time…

“Moonshine, Starlight,
let the wind carry your light,
let your glow cover my body,
and let your shine cover every eye.”

Once you have done that and without losing your concentration, for another three times repeat the following…

“Moonshine, Starlight,
shape and mold my body,
as a rose is granted beauty,
let me blossom in your light,
the light that brings me beauty,
and grant me beauty three times three”

To complete this spell, once you have finished chanting, light a pink candle or some incense and you are done.

A Ritual for Beauty and Youth

Another of my beauty spells, this one is a great pick me up and should be used whenever you feel you need it.

You will require sunflower and rosemary oils as well as a sprig of rosemary, a glass of spring water, some paper and a fountain pen containing red ink.

Add 5 drops of the rosemary oil to 1oz of the sunflower oil. Stir together and then massage this mix into your hair. For a minute or two, close your eyes and simply inhale the scent, breathing deeply.

Then, using the red fountain pen, write your name on the paper, dip the sprig of rosemary into the glass of water and chant the following…

“Dew of the sea, enhance my charms,
bring love and friendship into my arms.”

Then, place the paper in the water and leave it in there until the ink has faded. Wash the oil mixture out of your hair, using the glass of spring water as the final rinse. To complete this ritual, wear the sprig of rosemary on your person for the rest of the day.

OK then! A couple of cool beauty spells but what about protecting that newly acquired beauty?

The final spell I want to share with you is directly from the pages of the amazing Witchcraft Exposed spells package and it relates to making sure you stay beautiful and youthful-looking!

To Keep Beauty From Fading

When all your face appears most fair,
When the comets and meteors gild your hair,
And in your eyes the moon and sun
Contest, surrender, and burn as one,
When ivory Venus smoothes your brow,
And Mars reserves your lips’ red bow,
Make haste to utter this binding verse
And hold the stars on their kindest course…
“Figure of fire,
That shift and change,
Planets that move
By heaven’s hinge,
Be sighed and fixed
Forever here,
And close my image
Within thy sphere”
Measure a yard of golden string,
Loose from your fingers let it swing,
Then tie it in thirteen sturdy knots,
Hide it among your scents and pots.

I hope you enjoy these beauty spells and that they bring you everything you are looking for. It is our absolute right to be beautiful both inside and out and never let anyone try and take that away from you!

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