Banishing Spells

The use of banishing spells needs to be understood…

Let’s get started discussing the use of banishing spells! I’d like to take a quick moment to remind everyone about the correct use of white magic and Wicca. Many movies and television shows have perhaps showcased an incorrect idea or vision about these spells. In some cases, they seem quite easy to understand and even dare I say, and helpful to say the least. There is a lot more to it, however.

The most crucial factor to remain aware of is that of the most basic Wiccan rede. Specifically, that is – “Harm None.”  

When you combine that philosophy with the return by three principles (meaning all energy you send out to the universe will be returned back to you but 3 times more powerful) you really get an understanding of what this is all about. This is extremely important when it comes to casting banishing spells.

Effectively, we still want to use banishing spells in a positive manner.

Magick, including banishing spells, should be used to change your life and those around you for the better. To enhance, improve and enjoy life to the fullest! Are you looking for a banishing spell that will actually make someone be sent away to some crazy hell-like vortex? It may in fact exist but you will not find it here! Banishing Spells

There is still power in banishing spells…

There is still great power in these types of spells and their prime use is still to banish! Just not people! Banishing spells are used for removing anything negative in your life. Be that emotions or people or even negative energies that you can feel all around you.  Rather than by attacking or hurting a person, banishing spells magick works by reducing the negative influence a person may have on you or protecting other potential victims.

Similar in a way to a protection spell, you will also see the use of salt as a form of banishing spells magick. A ring of salt is made around a perimeter to actually keep bad spirits, bad magick or entities out.

So now we know that banishing magick involves not driving away people but actually expelling negative feelings. It is also used to remove negative emotions, and influences and of course fear. When we talk about magic such as this, it really shows you how much intention has to do with magic. Cast magic with poor or evil intentions and the result is negative. Practice magic with good intentions and positivity and the whole work changes!

What is the best way to perform banishing spells?

There are several varying methods of casting banishing spells with differing levels of complexity as well. The main repeated factor is to make sure you develop a connection of representation to what you are trying to get rid of.

For example, quite a simple method is to etch some sort of word or symbol upon a piece of wood or stone. This object represents to you, some bad memories or negativity. You then throw the wood or stone into some fast-flowing water or you could also bury the object. If using the burying method, add some new seedlings to represent the transformation into new life. Remember, try and keep these types of spells with an ultimately positive outcome!

Double Up on Your Banishing Spells!

Here is another Banishing spells ritual, this time a little more complex but still quite straightforward and easy to do! It will only take a little bit of practice to master!

For this ritual, it is preferable to use an ebb tide to carry away your symbol. No ebb tide? No problems as any sort of downward flowing water will be fine – even a drain. Yep, that’s right…even a drain!

You need to then choose an object that represents whatever it is that you wish to get rid of. Good items are usually things like a dying flower or a piece of seaweed. It is not vitally important what the object is. You just need to associate that symbol or item to the thing you want to be banished.

If you are at the beach, draw a square in the sand around the object. Chalk, charcoal or anything else that works on a paved area will also be fine. After you have drawn the square, say:

“These are the limits of your power, these are the limits of your sway, thus you lose your thrall, away, now, away.”

The next step of your banishing spells is to then rub out the square you have just drawn while chanting.  See, even this your power is gone, leave my life, your day is Done!”

Then as far as you can, throw the symbol out into the ebb tide or simply down the drain. Say goodbye and seal the ritual with a simple Away, no more stay!”

And For After The Spell…

Finally, after the banishing spells ritual, try and do something that makes you happy for the rest of the day! If the person or issue has quite a strong hold on you then you may need to repeat the spell. Do this for each waning moon until you feel the negativity has been truly banished!

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Blessed be – Jayne

PS: don’t forget to use those banishing spells positively and not negatively!

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