Awesome Witchcraft Kit by Sage Ryza

Awesome Witchcraft Kit by Sage Ryza
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Product Description

Don't think of this awesome witchcraft kit as something just for the beginner!

Within its gorgeous box, there are plenty of items that are desired and in demand for both new and experienced witches!

This versions is actually an upgrade from the travel witch kit and also the deluxe travel witch kit.

So if you've been doing this for a while OR you are keen to begin all that being a witch entails, then this deluxe witch kit is for you! Plenty of essentials plus some nice touch additions you maybe never even thought of!

Manufacturer Description

Like I said, this is the DELUXE version of Sage's witch starter kit and includes the following: 27 herbs in 8ml glass jars with cork stoppers that fit perfectly in the lid of the box.

Just some of the herbs shown in picture are: Hibiscus, Cascara Sagrada, Red Rose, Elderflower, Nettle, Lavender, White Willow Bark, St. John’s Wort, Cat’s Claw Bark, Scullcap, Chamomile, Valerian, and Rosemary.

And you'll also receive no less than TEN high quality essential oils: Clary Sage, Patchouli, Frankincense, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Vanilla, and Eucalyptus - how's that for outstanding value!

Product Features

This delightful witchcraft kit comes with a great variety of crystals:

OBSIDIAN POINT (protection, healing, truth-telling)

POLISHED SELENITE (good luck and protection)


3-4" AMETHYST CLUSTER (balancing the crown chakra, insomnia)

EXTRA LARGE QUARTZ CRYSTAL POINT (thought processes are improved and clarified)



27 herbs in 8ml glass jars with cork stoppers that fit perfectly in the lid of the box as well as TEN high quality essential oils

Deluxe smudging kit with a Sage Bundle and four Palo Santo sticks from Peru or Brazil.

A hand-printed divination bag with an image of two hands hovering over a crystal ball, and last but not least A MAGIC WAND.

Product Information

The customers service provided by Sage and her team is first rate resulting in a high quality product with usable and unique materials.

It is clear to see the time, effort and of course passion that has been shown during the creation of these kits. Previous customers have absolutely raved and gushed about this kit and we are sure that you will too!