Assorted Unscented Mini Taper Spell Candles

Assorted Unscented Mini Taper Spell Candles
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Product Description

These brilliant Assorted Unscented Mini Taper Spell Candles from Mega candles are exactly what you need for your spells and rituals!

Available in a pack of assorted colors or a whole pack of the same color if that's what you would prefer!

These popular and best selling spell candles come in your choice of the following 16 colors:

Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Gold, Grey, Green, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, Yellow and of course, white.

You can also purchase these ritual candles in quantities of 20 or 40.

Manufacturer Description

In the Assorted box, you will receive 2 each of the colors pictured below.

All other packs are only the one color - choose whichever one you like!

The color remains true all through the entire, non drip, candle.

They are high quality and burn cleanly with no unpleasant chemical smell.

You should expect a burn time of around 90 minutes - perhaps more - from these spell candles.

Product Features


4" Tall x 1/2" Diameter

Chime, Ritual, Spell and Wax Play Taper Candle

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