Are Blood Magic Spells Evil?

When people talk about Blood Magic Spells, there is a huge variety of what it means to different people. Many dark and disturbing images often come to mind for a lot of folks – but why?

Well, “blood”, even on its own, is a very powerful and graphic word.

All you then must do is combine it with another graphic image provoking words such as “rite”, “ritual”, “magick” and “spells” and for the average person, it doesn’t take much to associate the wrong or negative points of view.

Thanks to the world of movies, blood magic spells can suddenly be pictured easily in your mind as gory animal or even human sacrifices on a dark gothic altar or temple. Knives and other dastardly implements glisten in the candlelight as blood drips and people chant…

Truth be told, however; the real meaning of blood magic spells is quite different…and even a whole lot more boring!

Don’t get me wrong, blood magic is powerful, potent and can also be dangerous. But just like all magic, learning how to use it safely and in the correct manner and intention is the key.

Blood magic simply does not deserve the taboo or dark reputation many have assigned it although it should NOT be used carelessly or taken lightly – magic spells using blood should be respected.

What Makes Blood Magic Spells So Powerful?

The heightened sense of emotion people has with blood, positive or negative is a big part of its power. Blood is linked to such powerful concepts that many people can’t even bear the sight of it, especially if it is their own! It even has its own label – Hemophobia and can cause some people to faint or pass out!

On the positive side, however, blood truly is life. It pulses and surges throughout your entire body delivering vital and crucial oxygen and essential nutrients keeping you alive. Blood IS energy and it PROVIDES energy and your pulse is the barometer of what your body needs and when it needs it. Put simply, Blood is passion, blood is connection and it's pure emotion.

Blood Magic Spells are Not Blood Sacrifice and Not Meant for Harm!

Let’s clear up the uninformed and negative connotations right here. Blood magic is in no way magick

that involves the killing of people or animals in some sort of ritual sacrifice. Those fictional images of the killing of an innocent creature or virgin staged on an altar. Or that all too often used image in the center of a pentagram surrounded by candles and chanting as sacrifices are made. This type of “magick” is not only illegal but is wrong on every ethical level and breaks the basic Wiccan rule of “Harm none.”

Put simply, blood magic spells or blood magick rituals are those that require a small amount of blood - just a few drops. These small drops can add more power to a spell or ritual. Normally it is your own blood that is used however if casting for another person, after gaining permission you can also use their blood.

Are Blood Magic Spells Dark Magic?

as we’ve discussed above, blood magick and blood magic spells are not inherently evil. And why would it be? After agreeing that blood is an incredible life force inside your body…just because we take some of it out of the body doesn’t make it evil!

Human Blood—is just the same as any herb, liquid, hair, amulet, token or ingredient used in magick —it is merely one of many tools available. Absolutely, blood is an extremely powerful tool, but it remains just a tool and is neither benevolent nor malevolent. Of course, you could, if you wanted to, use blood for any number of purposes, but as with all magick, unethical purposes or desires should never enter your mind.

How To Practice Blood Magic Spells Safely

I’ll list a few blood magic don’ts first:

  • You should never need to take more than just a few drops.
  • Participants MUST give their blood freely – no consent equals no blood.
  • Don’t put yourself or others at risk of disease by allowing blood to contact anyone but who’s ever blood it is. Follow the simple rule, your blood – your body only!
  • There is really is no reason whatsoever for yourself or others to consume or drink blood. That goes for consuming it directly or by adding it to a drink or food. Blood is toxic and it doesn’t take much to cause extreme damage to your organs as well as other obvious health risks.

Safety first when performing blood magic rituals…

  • Use an alcohol wipe to clean your finger.
  • Ensure to also sanitize your choice of poking implement, for example, a pin. The very best way I feel to withdraw a few drops of blood is to use the lancet pricker that diabetics use to check their blood sugar. This will not cause any significant wound or bleeding and is far less messy and traumatic!
  • Exercise caution throughout your entire blood magic process and pay particular attention to any object, tool or person that may have come into contact with the blood. Dispose of or meticulously clean and disinfect any tools as well as the entire area around where the blood magic spell has been performed.

The Right Timing to Use Blood Magic Spells

This is an interesting one and triggers a lot of emotional debate!

For me, I believe that blood magic is more powerful than other spells and rituals. And there is more risk when using blood in magic. For this reason, I like to save blood magic for only the most important of occasions. High-level stuff if you will.

Basically, my rule of thumb is to only perform blood magick when extreme results are needed. The occasions are still the same, protection, health and wellbeing and even financial matters but it is at the higher end. For example, protecting people from serious danger or harm – not just annoyance or general protection. Supplying strength to fight and even cures for serious disease, physical ailments and serious conditions as opposed to getting over a cold. Manifesting money for expensive treatment or operations, not just a holiday savings fund.

I guess it’s a classic case of the saying “Desperate times require desperate measures!”

Again, just personal views, but here are some times I would NEVER use blood magic:

  • If I wasn’t 100% ready to accept any consequences
  • You shouldn’t ever harm or target anyone or anything or use blood magic for retaliation or vengeance.
  • Any type of magic including blood magic has no business in matters of love or friendship. An incredible part of life is developing these bonds naturally. Same goes for gaining power. You simply can’t wield it, let alone deserve it if you don’t earn it naturally.

Using Blood in Magic Spells and Rituals

Now that you are performing blood magic safely, let’s discuss some ways on how you can introduce it! Seriously though, there are countless ways, limited only by your imagination. But these few tips can help get you started.

  • In candle magic, mix blood drops with oil to dress and charge your candle.
  • Use a small drop or two to anoint and charge any talisman or amulet.
  • In jar or container magic, add a few drops of blood to the container.
  • In petition magic, smear some blood on the paper the petition is written on.
  • Place a drop of blood in a mojo bag before tying it up.

Other Options for Blood in Magic Spells

Many would agree that blood is the most powerful however if you need to personalize a spell or ritual to boost effectiveness there are other options.  Urine, saliva, semen, nail and hair clippings can all work in a similar way when blood magic wouldn't be advised or appropriate.

As we arrive at the end of our discussion, the original question has hopefully been answered…Are blood magic spells evil? With much of life and especially matters relating to Wicca and Witchcraft nothing is inherently good or bad. Your intentions, wishes and desires, your ethics and your spirituality and commitment to the Wiccan Rede will determine your results.

For those that practice ‘safe blood magic’, you will have no problems at all. When the time is right and the purpose necessary, with the help of blood magic spells you can enjoy unlocking power you’ve never experienced before!